Fun with the Tooth Fairy!

Writing can be very difficult when there are distracting elements in your environment.

Kids, as we know, can be quite the distraction… but right now I am listening to my neighbor try to deal with their Extremely Mis-Behaved dog. Having trained dogs as a job years ago, I feel sorry for this dog as I hear it whining due to my neighbor yelling at it. But knowing this dog has never been properly trained, I don’t blame the dog…I blame the owner. The dog just doesn’t know better! My neighbor has yelled “Come Here” to her dog about 20 times in the last 2 minutes!

Sure, I realize all of the above has nothing to do with the Tooth Fairy, but I just had to get that frustration out of my system by venting to all of you wonderful readers!

Now on to the Tooth Fairy…

When I was a child, my first few lost teeth were very exciting! My mother poured a stream of glitter from under my pillow, out my bedroom, down the hallway and to the living room window.  It was a thrill to find what this magical Tooth Fairy left for me…the  same excitement we experienced when finding our presents from Santa on Christmas morning!

Because I lost my teeth a bit when I was a bit older than my friends and siblings, I already had a pretty good idea that the Tooth Fairy was not real by the time my first couple teeth were lost. When I told my parents I knew, the glitter and treasures stopped coming. Even though I knew the Tooth Fairy was really my parents, I was still hopeful to find the glitter and such the morning after…

Now that I have my own children, my goal is to keep them believing for as long as possible. Even when they start to question things, I will attempt to try something even more magical that makes them really believe! Or at least keep the fun going until all those cute little baby teeth are out!

Glitter down the hallway to the window is a must. Glitter hairspray can be sprayed on dollar bills to create the fairy dusted look. Girls might enjoy setting up a tea set for the Tooth Fairy, much the same as setting out cookies for Santa. You can sprinkle the tea cup handle with glitter hairspray to make it appear used.

Here are some other great ideas you can use when celebrating the arrival of the Tooth Fairy:



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This great little 5″ pillow can help you to keep track of each tooth lost! You can write the date of each lost tooth, then use the little pocket to place money or other treasures for your child.


How about making a tiny little letter to thank your child for the tooth? Shown above is a great little note that is already completed for you. Just print out the PDF file from the source link above! Too Cute!!


Lastly, here is a fun little treat I recently heard about from my friend Sharon (thanks, hon!). Buy an “official” kit from the Office of the Tooth Fairy! The kit comes with a beautifully certificate and a cloth “deposit bag” for your child to keep under their pillow.

If you have any great Tooth Fairy ideas or traditions in your family, we would LOVE to hear about them!

Tub pictures in the bathroom. Adorable.

For more details on how to decorate your bathroom with adorable baby tub photos, and more great DIY ideas for the home, be sure to visit Newly Woodwards!

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Holiday Dresses for Little Girls

Well, I took a brief absence, but am finally back and in full gear!

Things have been a bit crazy, especially now with the holidays just around the corner. Planning gifts for friends, family, teachers, neighbors and more can be stressful. You never want to forget someone! This Christmas, we will be having our in-laws stay with us for a few days…of course this adds a lot more stress as I prepare for their visit. I always like things to go perfectly, but it never works out the way I had planned. I am trying to remember to take small breaks just to breathe and relax – it is almost over!

As a parent, one of my favorite things to do during the holidays is choose my children’s holiday outfits! If I can get just one good family snapshot each year with us all looking our best, I am thrilled! I do not typically go super matchy-matchy for our photo, but I do try to coordinate our colors. Last year, we did silver, gray and black and I just loved the way it came out! The year, I am going a bit bolder with the kids wearing red and the hubby and I in black.

I had a chance to take a look at some adorable options for little girls, and here are some of my favorite – chevron patterns!








My favorite of all is this stunning, bold, handmade dress above. The red bow really pops and ties the look together well! I can’t believe this is handmade – I have never been able to make clothing well…this is just perfect! I just love the little arm ruffles! Be sure to check out haddygrace on Etsy for this and many more adorable dresses for the holidays and beyond…including a very sweet Camo dress with a pink bow that would make for a great baby girl gift for a military or outdoorsy family!

Whatever you choose, be sure to order soon to receive before the holidays! I ordered several things from assorted sites during Cyber Monday and have yet to receive them…mail is super slow this time of the year!

Stay tuned for great little boy holiday outfit options…

Homemade Fish Crackers – a Healthier Snack!

Store bought snacks, while extremely convenient, can be full of preservatives, dyes and all sorts of unhealthy nonsense that we do not want to feed our children.

One of my husbands favorite snacks is the Goldfish cracker. He eats way too many of them! The bags are small and pricey for the size (unless they are on a super sale), and I know there are so many things in our house that would be a healthier option. Because he loves them so much, of course the kids do as well…copying anything their daddy eats!

I started to think about creating a more nutritious snack – something with more fiber, more whole grains and best of all… homemade!

That is when I came across this recipe for homemade fish crackers! I have made the recipe with several substitutions. First, I used a lowfat cheese. Next, I substituted the 1 cup flour for a mixture of 3/4 cup whole wheat flour, 1/4 cup chickpea flour for a healthier option with a touch more fiber and protein. In place of butter, I used 1/2 grape seed oil (I saw this on Dr. Oz a while back!) and 1/2 margarine. For a tastier finish, I was sure to use sea salt instead of regular table salt.

So, ok…mine don’t taste the same as store bought goldfish, but they are healthier! I am still playing with the recipe to come up with a tastier mixture. Even if you use the recipe exactly as is, I am sure it is healthier and fresher than the brand name!

While the recipe also give a tutorial on how to make your own fish cookie cutter, I found a set on Amazon for a reasonable price. It says they are for cutting clay, but I don’t see why they can’t be used for cooking…



Let me know what you think of the recipe!

Felting Crafts to Make for your Kiddos!

Hamsters are a big deal with my kids and their friends.

It started when one of their teachers had a classroom pet – they all fell in love with the little guy and wanted one of their own. While it has been a bit of a mess to clean up and a great lesson in responsibility, I myself find that I have fallen for our little ball of fluff!

I have never tried my hand at felting, but thought I might attempt to jump on the bandwagon after seeing these little hamsters below:

This would be a fun project to get the kids involved in while trying our best to get the colors and features looking similar to each of their friends pets. I am sure they would love to have these as Christmas gifts! And even if they end up a  little lop-sided and not-quite-hamster-looking for my first attempt at felting… well, they are just kids, right?!

I love the little sunflower seeds, as that is one of our little guys favorites – as well as small pieces of tofu and broccoli!

Visit the Etsy shop link above to purchase the pattern for these adorable little hamster pets. If you or your kids are in to other pets, the shop also sells patterns for many other animals including dogs, cats, penguins and some super cute little sheep. Be sure to check them out!

Scarecrow Craft Projects

Scarecrows are a fun way for your kiddos to express themselves.

Have them make their scarecrows to look like themselves and/or the members of your family…pets included! When making crafts or drawings that look like family, I am always amazed at what my kids think of us! HA! I just love to hear their stories of their versions of us and why they used certain colors or shapes to recreate what they see in their minds.

So how do you get your kiddos making scarecrows? Use these fun ideas and tutorials to get started!



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This quick paper plate project uses supplies that you probably have at home. Set your child up at the table and have them make one per family member while you cook dinner. Then use the finished products as place settings when they set the table for your family meal!



Photo Source:

I love this scarecrow idea using wooden craft sticks. Add one more stick to the back to use as a cute, country style garden pick!



Photo Source:

This is a fun project that gets your kiddos in the kitchen for a lesson in measuring! Using crispy chinese noodles for hair and a mixture of candies, cookies and other food items your child can help to make tonights dessert! This would also make a fun treat for grandma and grandpa or their friends, neighbors and teachers!


Toys R Us and Babies R Us Friends and Family Deals!

If you are a Toys R Us or Babies R Us shopper, (which I assume many of you are!) be excited for a special deal!

Today through September 21, 2013, both stores are offering their Friends and Family 20% off in-store and online purchases!


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While these stores often have coupon deals, they are usually for regular priced items only. This coupon is valid on regular, sale and clearance items! Hopefully you find some great items to use this coupon for – it is a great opportunity to stock up on birthday and holiday gifts, not to mention those little clearance items that make for great baby shower gift basket items!

To use in the store, print the coupon from Toys R Us or Babies R Us. Just in case the links don’t work, head to their sites direct and you should see the coupon on their home pages. Be sure to read the fine print, as there are a few exclusions.

To use the coupon online, use promo code FRIENDS20 at checkout.

Let me know if you come across any fabulous deals while shopping!

For Little Girls with Freckles.

I am a freckly person.

Mostly on my arms, but when I was growing up I had several on my face as well. What non-freckly people may not know is that kids with freckles get made fun of. They are called “freckle face” or get lots of questions as to why they have so many freckles. It can make kids very self-conscious!

That is why I just love this vinyl sticker for a little girls room.


Photo Source:



Sparkle Tableware for a Little Girls Party!

Check out this ADORABLE idea to make for a little girl on her birthday.

These pink plastic forks have little rhinestones glued to them!

Any little girl would feel extra special with a little added bling to her table! What an adorable idea…I know I would have loved this when I was a little girl.

This idea can be made special for any party – any age, boys included. Just glue on little trinkets – like those 5cent toys from Party City – to match the theme of the party. Or head to a craft store for little scrapbook charms or buttons. You could even glue on a wrapped starlight mint for a holiday party – a two in one as guests can unwrap after they eat their meals! This is a huge money saver, as custom place setting items can get really pricey! The possibilities are endless!


Acorn Owls

Today I wanted to share an adorable owl project that a friend sent my way. Owls are everywhere right now, but this project is one of the cutest I have seen!

This is a fun nature project for your kiddos that they are sure to enjoy!

Think about bringing some felt, scissors and glue on a fun picnic. Have the kids go on a nature search to find acorns in the park, or even brown rocks will do for the owl body. They can use real twigs or sticks as the perch and really go to town with their imaginations! I think these would look cute with those googley eyes – my kids always get a kick out of those!

To see more details on this project, visit the image source above.

Have fun!

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